Author: Rachel Acker

Christmas Tears and Blessings 0

Christmas Tears and Blessings

As we go about our week before Christmas, I have to admit that I am an emotional mess.  Partly, these pregnancy hormones are quite the ride!  Tears in abundance all over the place.  About...


Downtown Market Adventure

I love feeding my family quality, fresh food.  I mean, LOVE.  Some people feel this way about clothes shopping, running, scuba diving… I mean, it’s right up there with walking into the library and...

The Butterfly Effect 1

The Butterfly Effect

  Today was my scheduled “shave armpits day”.  It didn’t happen.  It didn’t happen because as I was showering, my 2-year-old Curious Kitten crept into the bathroom softly crying in her oh-so-mournful little voice,...